The Southern need to garden

The need 2 Garden

I don’t know why this is true, and I’ve never had the urge to garden (except herbs that I killed in pots in my apartment) until this year, but as a southern lady raised by a true Southern belle, I find the need to garden something I can’t explain.  I literally get giddy at the thought of going through the garden section at Lowe’s.  It’s all I can do to limit myself.  Even though my summer flowers, which I’ve babied and loved all summer are still in their glorious last bloom, I am ready to plant mums to welcome fall:)  I’ve grown four kinds of mint, two types of thyme, fresh basil and rosemary, cilantro and dill.  I’ve pruned my rose bushes, planted gardenias, lavender, heather, just to name a few, and now I’ve tried my attempt at landscaping, and you know what I’ve learned?  I love it!  I love being outside and hearing the sounds of the wind in the trees, feeling it tickle my neck as I sweat in the garden, and enjoying my rewards, now I am not ready to sit outside and drink my sweet tea and fan myself as the sun goes down, but I do enjoy my vitamin water as I sit on the porch and text on my phone as the sun sets 🙂


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