A true geek @ <3

Doctor Who “I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams.”

Saturday I had a rare treat, The Doctor returned to TV and like a giddy teenage girl, I was glued to the tv, my heart skipping a beat as the countdown on the tv hit 00:00:00 and my Doctor returned.

Since I can remember, way, way b4 it was cool to watch, I’ve been a Doctor Who fan.  When I was little, I spent a whole summer in search a blue phone box, wondering why it never been to America, and truly why the Doctor had never made a history book.  To my dismay none of my friends knew the great adventures of the Doctor.  Why they dreamed of wonder woman, the bionic woman or super girl, I dreamed of being a companion to the Doctor in the big blue box, that was bigger on the inside then the out.

Our tv was always turned to PBS, My mother, who limited our tv to one hour a day during the week (even during the summer) and 3 hours on the weekend, any tv was a treat, and Doctor Who was no exception.  I grew up with the mad man in the little blue box, traveling through all time and space, as I grew older, I hid my love for the Doctor, before amazon and Netflix, it was hard to get the doctor on demand, but 7 years ago, I had the best present ever, the Doctor returned to tv, to BBC America and I feel in love all over again!  Though I must admit, in secret, none of my co-workers would my joy over my mad man in a box, so as I watched my Doctor save the world there was no one to discuss, my unexplainable fear of the statues of angels surrounding the grounds of our work, or the true reason I knew so much about Cardiff.  While it was o’kay to fawn after sparkly vampires in your 30’s, some how syfy was still on the outskirts, then it happened, the eleventh Doctor arrived, and I could wear a “Bow ties are Cool” or “Keep calm, I’m the Doctor,” shirt and suddenly my barista at Starbucks wanted to talk about the latest episode, or debate Tennant or Smith.   A whole new world had been opened, my secret addiction was known to the culture about me, and I loved it, so instead of being a closet geek,  I can wear my shirts proudly, not just when I’ve run out of clean laundry and still have to run to the gym and Starbucks 🙂  So my question is, do you know the Doctor?


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