I feel the need, the need for BAKING!!!

It’s that time! The latest issue of Southern Living Best of Fall is out!!!

With the feel of fall in the air, the leaves blowing in whirlwinds, quickly changing from green to orange, the smell of burning logs in our fire pit, and the first touch of cool air, I invite Autumn to come.  I almost feel like a school girl again, dreaming of the smell of pencils being sharpened and the fresh pages of my school book.

This is my favorite time of year, the smells, the perfect sunsets, and the WEATHER!!!  I love sweatshirt weather, perfect time for a hike or a kayak ride, but among it’s treasures, there is one I love best. Autumn means the  kick-off of BAKING SEASON.  Every weekend my kitchen is filled with delightful and exotic smells, spices, simmering pots of delectable sauces, deliciously sinful breads rising in the oven and oh the sweets!!!

I am almost giddy as I crack open my Best of Fall Southern Living today, and highlight the recipes I can’t wait to try.  The flakey, irresistible Chicken recipes, yummy breads, and the beginnings of Thanksgiving dessert test!  Is it wrong to be so excited about Swoon Pies or sour cream herb quick bread?  That I’ve already began the lists for the dessert table for Thanksgiving?  Oh how I love fall!!!  So as I sit on our porch enjoying the slight breeze as the sunsets, I invite Autumn to come!!!


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