Something bad turns turns to something good

Proud and regal, Leo the Cat

Leopold has been had my heart since the day he was born under my parents back wall.  From day one he has been our tuff guy.  Never daring to walk like a kitty cat, but almost sauntering like a great Lion, that seems to exaggerate his large mane.   He’s been in fights, proudly guarding his home, daring any creature, other then his brother and sister, to trespass on my parents lawn.  He looks like a soldier whose seen he’s share of battles, with he’s cracked front tooth and he’s curled right ear, but they add character to our well loved pet, who seems to almost look death in the eye daily, by slowly walks across the driveway when we pull up in our car, knowing we will wait.

Do you really have to take my picture now?

Yesterday was he’s yearly check up, and among the indignities that he had to suffer, he got a shave to remove all the matted hair, where he was getting too lazy to groom himself.  Our beautiful tuff guy went from a proud warrior to a poor little baby, but he seemed to gain a little spring to his step, even in his degraded appearance, because where before each step the tangled fur pulled, he was free to move with his normal grace, and I thought what  a life lesson.  How many times, do we remove the bad, the sickness, or even the sin, and while we heal, we still look like a wreck, but we feel AMAZING, because we know we are on the other side, ready for our next chapter!!!


One thought on “Something bad turns turns to something good

  1. Leopold does look pitifull but how wonderful to have family that loves him so and how true your words are about healing. Keep up the good work and more thoughts from the Lion’s Den or maybe Leopold’s Den.

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