Oh, the Indignity of it all

One of my more embarrassing family photos – 70’s fashion has to be a decade of “What were they thinking?”

Have you ever noticed if your day starts out bad it’s a sign that the whole day has gone to pot, or that no matter how old you are, you still get embarrassed?  This morning was a red letter day for both.

Last spring when my mom was undergoing cancer treatments I made the decision to move home and freelance.  It’s been an up and down adventure, but I love the time I’ve gotten to spend with my parents.  If I am in town, I go to the store with my Dad to make the donuts at our families small grocery store, this morning was no exception.  We had a huge order going out, okay huge for us, at Wal-Mart or Krispy Kreme maybe not, the order was for 18 dozen donuts, which is pretty time consuming considering we can only proof 8 trays at a time, and the trays only hold eight donuts, and we can only fry one tray at a time… so it takes a while.

Trying to get a start on the day, I wanted to go down early and get started, I got out of bed, leaving the lights off, I got ready and creeped down the hall and started down the stairs, and then one foot missed the step and my hip took the brunt of the fall.  There was a bang, a thud and general commotion, needless to say, the whole house was awake, two barking dogs, and both parents.  With my bruised hip and dignity I hobbled to the truck and went about my task.   I made the deadline, and smiled through every well wisher who my Dad told of my mishap, all the time wishing I could just go back to bed and cry.  I realized it was not from the pain, though my hip is twice it’s size and the color of a ripening plum, but from the embarrassment of the fall.  I am praying my day gets better, and it wasn’t the omen of a bad day, which is usually the case, well off to work at my real job 🙂  Hopefully I can make it through with out any more mishaps, though I am doubting since I am as stiff as a board and still have two dogs that don’t understand their human being too sore to walk, and I still have deadlines 🙂


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