The Joy of ordinary days

YUMMY!!! It’s back and I couldn’t be happier!

Have you ever noticed your best days are just random, ordinary days with no particular plan?  Today was one for the books, nothing in particular, nothing special, but all day was filled with smiles and laughter.

Saturdays are always the best during the fall, I don’t know why, I think it’s residual memory from school days or the fact that I am not tied to the phone and email watching for an emergency edit that was due ten minutes ago.

Today started with a spontaneous trip to the city in search for a giant Nutcracker Statue (or so it appeared in the flyer), but to our disappointment we found a small 4 feet tall with his hat, very thin nutcracker, not to bring wonder to small children’s eyes when they enter the store, I know you are thinking that it’s too early to even be thinking about Christmas, but I like having a plan for the decorations for the store, the look and feel you will get when you walk in, I dream of having the ability and finances to make it look like a Macy’s window, but I do what I can with what we have, but enough I am rambling, a pure sign it was a good day:)

As we continued our search, we stopped at Tuesday Mornings, Home Goods, Marshalls, Sams.  We didn’t get anything of significance it was fun, we sang Mumford & Sons at the top of lungs, found amazing coffee mugs that I couldn’t pass up, because I knew  they would make me smile even at 5am as I poured my first cup of coffee; we got amazing coffee that even our sales girl at Home Goods didn’t want to put down, as we waited for a price check she too couldn’t resist to squeeze the bag for a smell, and then kept it up, admitting she didn’t want to give us the bag, we found comfy pajama pants for $9.00 that seemed to invite one to sit and read in bed with them on, I found a plethora of Holiday cooking books, that invited me to began the search for the perfect new slow cooker recipe, or hot bread, and as we drove home, looking for a burst of energy to help us get in and make supper, the biggest of all joys, THE PUMPKIN LATTE IS BACK!!!  Pure joy, what a perfect ordinary day, God smiled at me today:)


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