Unconditional Love

True love is in the eye of the beholder

Unconditional love, there was never a more true statement then a dogs love for his owner.  Never was that more true (in my mind) then my dog Jackson, my little pound puppy, who still loves to sit back in my lap and let me give him hugs.

He came into my life one rainy saturday afternoon, I went to the pound just to look, and  of course he came into my life, I fell in love instantly with my little guy.  He was a mere shadow, weighing 40 lbs, with scars all over his legs, barely any hair, and so thin you could stick your fingers in between his ribs, he was a year and a half, not potty trained and scared of everything, but some how always ready for a fight.

I brought him home, and it was an adjustment, it took him six months just to wag his tail, but if I was home, he was never not by my side, always ready to go for a ride, a walk, or even sit on the couch and just be with me, but he’s favorite was tennis balls, he could catch them for hours.  He was determined to stay and learn to be the dog I needed him to be, just as I was determined to learn to be the owner he needed.  Eventually we learned each others personalities and became inseparable, and my little guy went from 40 lbs to 93 pounds of muscle and joy.  He’s been an adventure that I’d never trade.

Jack has a personality more like a human than a dog, sometimes I think we both forget that he’s four legged, especially when it comes to farting, never have I smelled anything more foul, or seen a dog react the way he does.  Jackson is scarred of everything, ceiling fans, loud noises, toys that make noises, cans being open, anything being dropped, but nothing as much as the sound of a fart, even his own.  If he’s dead asleep and passes gas, he’ll wake up and run to the next room.  I know it’s hard to believe, but boy do I have witnesses!  It’s like a novelty trick at our house, and just in case he’s not passing gas that day we have “FLARP” a gooey slime substance that creates the sound when you press it down, but  even with his fear, he is always ready to attack anytime any stranger comes to the door, my docile puppy becomes a big massive lump of teeth and barks, always protecting his home.

But for me, I’ve never had a friend make me feel more welcome when I come home, it’s like it’s christmas morning every time I walk in the door, and though it took six months to get the first little wiggle, he’s tail is like a crazy bee when he sees me.  I can have the worst day in the world, my heart can be heavy with sorrow and my burden can be more then I can bear, and all I have to do is feel that little nudge from his cold nose and know that he’s there to help me, and it all doesn’t seem so dark…


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