Life Lessons from the Doctor

  • Lessons from a man who lies

    “There’s so much to discover. Think how much wiser we’ll be by the end of all this.” – The Doctor

Facing life and death, not knowing what’s behind the next corridor, are those the words you’d want to hear?  Thinking this, it came to me, aren’t those exactly the words we need to hear as we are going through any crisis, and don’t we come out wiser on the other end?

What doesn’t kills us makes us stronger?  How many other life lessons can we learn from the Doctor?   As I take this journey with my current Doctor, and I have to be honest, my favorite Doctor, I think because he’s most like I imagine Doctor Who to be, raggedy man but brilliant, with an edge, but not an angry edge.  I am going to back to my Doctor roots, through shear luck and perfect timing, I’ve started to build my classic Doctor collection, reliving my childhood memories, and discovering that Matt Smith is most like my favorite childhood Doctor who always seemed to have a smile, with just a slightly off bit of style, Peter Davison.  So my question for you is, what life lessons have you taken from the Doctor, and whose your favorite regeneration of the Doctor?


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