Nothin’ like a small town

ImageThis weekend with all that’s crazy when you have teenagers around, we had the scare of our lives, my boyfriend’s daughter had an allergic reaction to something, and started having an anaphylactoid reaction, it was terrifying!  I was trying to keep her calm and think of what we could do, my mom, whose a genius, just picks up the phone and calls our family doctor, who just tells us to come to the office and meet her.

It was five minutes away, three shots later, and it’s over, our sweet girls face is back to normal, she’s just worn out, we sit and chat about our day and get some prescriptions and leave, like nothing huge just happened.  I feel like a child looking around the big sterile office with pictures of our Doctors days on the mission field, and african artifacts she’s collected over the years.  I squeeze C’s hand as we wait for her to calm down and tell her about my many visits to this beloved Doctor, whose always been there through fevers, sore throats and twisted ankles.  I have a sense of peace once again, knowing God smiled on us today.

I called today to get the bill, so thankful that she came in and we were not looking at an emergency room bill, but I can’t tell you my surprise, when I asked for the bill, and the receptionist said, “No Charge.”  I thought I was hard of hearing, so I asked again, and the same reply, “No Charge.”  I was shocked, astonished, speechless.  I thought about how many people she’s done this for, in quiet with no medals or reward, and I just wanted to thank her, for her kindness, I don’t want to give her name, I know she’s not looking for praise, and secondly, I would never want any one to take advantage, but doesn’t it make you smile, just knowing that even in today’s world, there are still small town doctors like this?


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