I hope you dance

Pequette always ready for fun

She came into my life in a joyous bundle of energy, never having enough patience to stop for anything but food, She was my first rescue dog, and I can not tell you how much she’s been a blessing.  Never have I have a known a being more bound with joy, when her tail wags, which is almost 24-7 except when sleeping, her body literally wags with it, even at thirteen.

Pequette Dubelois is her adopted given name, but we call her the princess or sister, from the day I brought her to my parents, she knew she was home.  A fearless guard dog, she keeps watch and is ready to pounce on anything that invades her front yard, even if it is harmless leaf, but there is one thing that the Pequette loves more then even food, and that is to dance.

Any time of day or night, any time of year, all you have to do is turn the music on and clap your hands on your knees, and she will come bounding to your side, barking, with her whole body wagging with joy!  She loves to jump on her hind legs and move to the music and sing very loudly, sometimes I think it’s just to cover up me being off key, but she doesn’t seem to mind, she just starts her howl as I start to sing.  Any day can be in the booper scooper and she will turn it around.  It’s as if she was put her just to spread joy!!!  Today we took our little girl to the vet for a check up, and even though she’s in amazing shape for thirteen, we had to get more pills for her pain in her hips and I just ponder how much it must hurt that little body to dance, but she can’t contain the joy, and I smile at the outpouring of love she gives us, and feel so blessed that this little princess choose us to be her family…


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