What do you do for a ten your old’s birthday? Why the Doctor of Course!

Did someone say cake?

My niece Anna, is truly my heart, she’s the sweetest little being I know, but with an uncompromising edge.  It’s as if her personality fit’s her unique eyes, she has one golden flecked brown eye, and one brown flecked blue eye, both pierce into your very soul when she looks at you, and being the Aunt, it’s very hard to ever tell her no, but like her sweet personality, she never asks for anything, so it’s very hard to shop for her for her birthday.  Her favorite answer is, “Surprise me.”  Even back to school shopping was like pulling teeth to get her to choose anything, so as her birthday approached, I wonder what to get her that would put a huge grin on that little freckled face, and then she made a simple request, a TARDIS birthday cake, since like her aunt, she loves Doctor Who and wanted and Doctor Who themed birthday to introduce her friends to this made man with a box, so I did what any sane aunt with a crazy need to bake, created a TARDIS Birthday cake and ordered her a TARDIS Bobble head from my favorite shopping place AMAZON.

I don’t know what was more fun, having an excuse to shop for Doctor Who toys, or seeing her looking at her cake for the first time or hearing her own TARDIS signal the Doctor’s arrival.  It was a brilliant birthday, and I think with her help, that will be my theme this year too:)


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