The perfect cup

My favorite coffee mug – Oh the Joy it brings

I have a confession to make, I have one possession that I can’t live with out, like Steve Martin in the Jerk, I need this one thing, my christmas mug.  (I even have an identical one at work)  It’s scratched, chipped, the paint is coming off and it’s a Christmas mug, which means at least ten months out of the year I appear a little off to the outside world, but I love it!!!

It makes my coffee better, it makes my day seem to start with the perfect smile, and if I don’t have my mug, it seems to be off balance, and the pattern continues all day.  When I do have my mug, the coffee taste a little better less bitter, and as I hold it in my hand and feel the true perfection as it perfectly fits in my left hand, with it’s sturdy handle, and in my right hand, the thickness of  the mug protects me from the coffee’s heat, and I can bring it to my lips for that perfect first sip of the morning!  Oh how I adore my Dollar Christmas mug 🙂


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