Hello Sweet Lady!
I am thinking about you today, and to be honest, moving home and working on Mom’s book, I think of you most days, and wish I could have known you as an adult. To me you were always my best toy!!! I loved coming to visit your house and spending my time with you. You are still my best model, no one is as patient as you were, Mom gave me your costume jewelry and to me it still looks like the queen’s jewels, there is nothing more precious, I pull out the boxes and look at them and wish we still dressed in suits and beautiful dresses, so I’d have a chance to wear them, I have earrings, a necklace and bracelet picked out for my wedding dress, so I can have you with me. You are the best part of all of us. Your joy and laughter still fills my memories of childhood. I have ballerina jewelry box that you gave me on my last birthday I spent with you, I’ve filled the box with my best treasures, all my cards from you, and my first bible. Do you wanna know the strangest thing, when Jason’s grandma gave him his first bible, he had the same scripture you wrote in mine, Proverbs 3:15, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding,” to be honest that was one of the reasons I knew he was the one, isn’t that funny, but it someone seemed like a wink from you and Ms. Hardin, saying we were meant to be together. I think of you so much as I get older, I think about how much you loved the Lord, you always had on a preacher or hymns, and it felt so sweet in your house, and I wish I could study scripture with you, and have you tell me your thoughts. I wonder what you would think of the world today, would you cry at how far we’ve come. I miss you so much sweet lady!
Love you!!!


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