Whose your momma?

Two precious little ones

There is a very small, sweet little family farm behind my Dad’s store.  It’s an ideal place to grow up, two goats, ten chickens and some chicks, seven or so ducks, and five of the cutest ducklings you could ever lay your eyes on.  If you have a chance to visit the first thing you might notice, is the baby ducklings, five little fluffy puffs waddling across the ground, the second thing you might notice is who they are following, Mother Goose?  No, not Mother Goose, they are following Momma Hen.

When these precious little ones where but mere eggs, their birth mother had no time to sit on eggs and wait for them to hatch, keeping them warm in the cool crisp autumn like nights, so Momma Hen sat on them and dotted on them waiting patiently for them to hatch, just as content as any expectant mother would be, and four days ago, these little darlings came into the world.  No mother could be more doting then this little hen,

Momma Hen trying to keep her ducklings warm 

even though they are quickly growing and when she tries to keep them warm she can barely cover them, she does her best.  As I tried to take picture of these little cuties and their Momma, it struck me how much any baby is a gift, and to any momma adopted or birth, she sees no color, no gender, no defect only pure perfection of love.  She sees her child.  How much could we learn from this momma.  She loves these little ones unconditionally, she knows in her little heart that her babies to care for, and they know she’s their momma.  They do not see each other’s color of feathers or shape of their beak, they feel each other’s love.


Momma and her duckling



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