This was my DAY- how was yours?

Is this day over yet?

Today was one of those days that NEVER seemed to end, and everything, EVERYTHING seemed to be the hard way.  My morning starts at 5am, we had 3 special orders and our normal breakfast and donut’s to get out, 8am, I start my edit job, I had to wait by while our customer was demanding an edit change for a VO, total out of my control, then the customer made four more changes, so four more edits and drops, our internet was SLOWER THEN MOLASSES today!  Finally the job is done and dropped, is it time to take a break?  Of course not, I am country girl, and my next job starts, I go take baby photos and that was the kicker, the cutie HATES cameras, he can go from being in the best mood in the world to Mr. Grumpy face in 2 seconds, just show him a camera, add to this chaos, an older brother, two cousins, a dog, a friend over, a Nana and a Momma, there’s a lot of people watching over your shoulder, trying to help get that cutie to smile, can we say sensory overload?!  But we did get a couple:)  Enjoy the fruits of my work:)

Finally A SMILE!!!

Ah!!! Time to rest


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