My hero

My hero

This morning with a cold wet rain pouring down outside, hitting the metal rough of our store, giving it heartbeat, reminiscent of Poe’s Raven, it brought a chill to my very bone that seemed to disappear in an instant.  How quickly our mood can change with just the briefest of words.

One of the things I truly love about my life choices is the time that I get to be with my Dad at his store.  It’s such a magical time getting to see him as a man and not my Dad, and today was no exception.  We had a very sweet customer that needed groceries, but couldn’t pay for them until Monday, and Dad let her sign for credit, just like in the Little House, as I was rushing to back home, I stopped and I listened as this sweet woman had a good cry with my dad, this weekend is her daughter and grandsons birthday, and it’s very hard on her grandson because he’s mom passed away two years ago from complication from surgery.  She is raising her grandson and trying to provide a good home, but at times like this it’s hard missing your daughter, struggling with money, raising a grandson and trying to make a special day for him.  She thanked my Dad for all he did, and just talked to him about her daughter, my dad had preformed the funeral two years ago, and she talked about the words he said, I stood beside them and my tears would not stop flowing as I felt her heart in her heart for her lost daughter and I saw my father through her eyes, as a sweet man that would always help in the storms of life, and my heart burst with love and pride in my Daddy…  I can not tell you what a privilege it is to be his daughter, and honor to spend this time with him…


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