The Angels were not the only ones WEEPING

Amy, her Doctor and Rory

I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much over a tv show or movie then I did last night!  I felt like my heart would burst at the end of Doctor Who’s mid-season finale, even as I type this, hot tears are rolling down my face, as I remember saying goodbye to my Lovely Ponds!!!  I think like most Whovians, we fell in love with Amy over fish fingers and custard and over Rory as a roman soldier, and wished we had a love that would watch over and wait for us for 2,000 years.  Yesterday was the battle of how would our Ponds say goodbye, but I don’t think it could ever been done more perfect or more romantic then Amy’s choice, she choose, even if there was only even a slight chance to be with her Rory, to be taken.  I felt the Doctor and Rivers loss as if it were my own, I felt silly as I my nose ran, tears stung my face and I couldn’t catch my breathe over a tv show until I looked over at my family and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  I will miss my Pond and her Rory more then any other companion, I think because we all could relate waiting for our Ragedy Doctor.  I will miss you oh soooo much!!!

A picture of true love


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