Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy (FALL!!!)


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy (FALL!!!)

    • Jack is a fawn doberman 🙂 – he’s our 2nd rescue, he’s “sister” is a weimer and they look soooo much a like, but she’s just at 60 lbs, he’s 93 and about a head taller, she’s got a barrel chest where he’s a lot more slender in the frame 🙂 LOVE them both, she loves every one she meets, he loves us, his close family and that is it, he doesn’t like visitors:)

      • Aaah, did not know about fawn doberman pinschers. Thanks Internet. Very nice! We also have a rescue pinscher, but of the miniature size, mixed with chihuahua – he has the same traits as Jack; loves his family but visitors is something different.

      • so true:) plus he had a really hard life, when we rescued him, he weighed 40 lbs, had been starved to train to fight, he had scares on his legs from being shot at, he was just so pitiful, it took him 6 months just to wag his tail, I can’t tell you how happy it still makes me when he wags his tail when I come home:) Unconditional love of a dog:)

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