Daily Prompt: Personal Space

I have to admit, this more prompted me to write about the lack of personal space that my animals have when it comes to me, how where ever I am, whatever I am doing, they are there, gardening, there’s usually a fluffy kitty in the middle of the flower bed helping me dig, working, there’s a dog nose on my computer, cooking there’s a dog sleeping in front of the oven that has to move every time I try to add an ingredient…so I think that answers the question – I don’t live by guidelines

of a blog, it’s just a life blog or “Journal” if you will on what I am thinking about, obsessing about, laughing about, etc…  I think if I had to stick to parameters, I would want to get paid, but on the other hand, I have multiple blogs and the other ones do stick to very strict parameters, one is on our 1967 restoration of the Impala my boyfriend is doing, one blog is for my mom’s stories, two are on my Dad’s life, and one is my super obsession of Doctor Who and Supernatural (which I admit I kind of fell off totally obsessing after season 5 😦 ) Hmmm… so my blog is just random thoughts of a random Kentuck girl 🙂



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