Goodbye Sweetie

Nothing I could write in the post could truly express the emotion I felt watching this scene, it was as if my heart I wanted to reach into the screen and yell at Steven Moffat to take it all back, that there could be no Eleventh Doctor without River Song, and if that was his way of telling me the Eleventh Doctor’s time was up, I was not ready nor willing to accept it, and unlike most shows when I have to chastise myself for getting so involved in a fictional character’s life, I can’t seem to do that with Doctor Who, I think it’s because I’ve grown up with him on my television, he is the only program I’ve kept with me since childhood, so I feel I have part of me invested in him…  You tell me, if you know the Doctor could you watch this scene and not cry?!

and if you can, (watch and not cry) do you even have a soul?


6 thoughts on “Goodbye Sweetie

  1. I didn’t find this scene particularly emotional because the chemistry between River and the Eleventh Doctor just didn’t resonate with me. As often as they shared screen time together, the focus always seemed to be on Amy or Clara. Even in this episode he ignored River until this goodbye scene, which felt a bit forced.

    The only time the Tenth Doctor met River, with no experience of memories to go off of, he was far more emotional with her when he learned how important she would be to him. Seeing the Tenth Doctor interact with River in those final moment of that two-part episode were far more emotional than anything provided during Moffat’s tenor as show-runner.

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