Goodbye to Old Friends

Today we had to say goodbye to the sweetest friend I will ever now.  Unlike our two rescue dogs, Leopold was born at our house, and he adopted us.  He has been such a joy and comfort to have.  He loves being near his family, if we were upstairs, he would find what window we were at and tap his paw on the pain to let us know he was ready to come inside or to torture the dog and flaunt his freedom (this seemed to be one of his favorite past times.)  If we were outside working on the garden, he was in my lap or laying by my leg, enjoying the sun and me, and he loved coming in the tv room to visit and lay on the puppy beds, but never for too long, because Leo was very independent.  Leo was named after Leo the Lion, from the time he could walk, he would strut like a lion, as if he weighed a ton and not thirteen pounds, and even in the end, Leo proved to us his strength.  He has been sick since December, struggling to get better, we’ve gone to our sweet Vet some many times, but this weekend his little kidneys finally shut down and we had to put him to sleep today.  Even in this he was a fighter, wanting so much to show us his strength, but as I held my sweet little boy waiting for the vet, he still cuddled and nudged me at my neck, even in pain, he showed me his sweet love.


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