Where is the love?

little child babyA friend of mine posted a story on Facebook this past week, and it’s haunted me.  I haven’t known what to respond, but I felt like I had to. . . I am a Christian, I am not outspoken, or maybe I am, but I try with my whole heart to show Christ through my actions and how I live.  I am not perfect, FAR FROM IT (just ask my family or boyfriend).  I try to live by loving and respecting others, I fail, I say things at least ten times a day that haunt me, that where stupid or thoughtless, so I try the next day to do better. . . I try to show love and respect to others. . . if they have a question on my beliefs or religious views, I love to discuss this, but I don’t have all the answers, I just know what God has revealed to me through his words and other’s teachings.  What I do know, is that God is love, he gave us his son, his greatest gift to show us his love and mercy. . . He is hope, he is understanding, he is grace itself, so I don’t think in any STRETCH of the imagination would he want to embarrass or not care for a child or parent trying to care for that child . . . there is no excuse for this. . . If there was any issue for this doctor, she could have addressed it when she spoke to the couple, she was a coward, and must have no care for her patients or understand the true love of Christ, he would love not judgement of a child.



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