Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

Nostalgic, is sometimes how I live my life, which I know makes no sense, but maybe to me.  I moved back to small town a little over two years to help my parents, my mom had stage four cancer, and my Dad owns a grocery store and needed a little extra help, so now I am the chief donut maker at the store and bottle washer, launderer, gardner and entertainment councilor @ the house.  I still work full time, but I wouldn’t give up a day, an hour or a minute I have with my parents, I know it’s precious time, and it makes me realize I wish I had time with my grandparents and heard their stories and known them as people not as my sweet grandma or granddaddy.  It also makes me miss my own carefree childhood, with every Sunday going on a hiking, boating or picnic with my family, where my Daddy could conquer the world, carry me on his shoulders when I got tired, my brothers were carefree, and didn’t look like the weight of the world rested on their shoulders and my mama had boundless energy.  I love my life, but sometimes I wish I could visit my past, if only for a day 🙂