The Sweetest of friends

Always smiling when she’s happy, a true Momma’s Girl

Today was an unbelievably wonderful crisp fall day, and even though I had a million, MILLION things to do (okay maybe not that many but it seemed like it 🙂 ) I got my camera and took my puppies outside and took some pics.  If you’ve read any of my blogs, you might have caught a glimpse of the master of our house Jack, our doberman, but you haven’t seen the Princess.  Our beautiful thirteen year old Weimaraner, and the first pet of many that we’ve “adopted.”  We have three cats, Jack and the Princess, Ms. Pequette Dubellet.  Pequette was adopted from a no kill shelter when I was in school, and she’d been on her own for a month before they could catch her, she was just so fast.  She had been adopted out one time before, but the family returned her after two days, she was extremely hyper, but in a way that was trying to please you, she just wanted you to love her, and if you tried to pet her, she would squat and pee.  Not a good start to a new relationship, but I knew she needed a home, and so she and I adopted each other, and through lots of kennel break outs, she was a regular Houdini, lots of stolen sandwiches, fries and fruit, too many chewed shoes to count, we fell in love.  Her spirit is the sweetest I know.  She loves every person she meets (but not animal).  She is a treasure, She was my companion through late night studies, runs in the park and lots of trips to home.  In fact, Weimaraner’s are a little owner obsessive, so she is happiest being by your side, I recall one trip home when I was packing for my return to school, and wanted to go get groceries before we hit the road, she was so worried I was leaving her behind, she leapt into my truck so fast when I opened the door on my return, she shattered my windshield and got a cut on her nose, she refused to leave the truck, even though neither one of us would be leaving.  What a crazy girl.  On my last move she had to move home with my parents, she did not like apartment life, she barked constantly and was miserable, so she came to stay with Mom and Dad, and I had a huge broken heart, but every time I came home, it was like Christmas morning for a little six year old, she was so happy and so sad when I left, since I’ve been back with her, she could not be happier, even though she has to share me with her adopted brother.  Even through athletic hips and painful joints, she still dances and sings with me daily and makes my life that much richer, so on this fall day, I share with you one of the loves of my life, Ms. Pequette.


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